Eco easy barbecue


ENERGOSTAR range of biomass products has been enriched with the introduction of Eco-Easy Barbeque that is both environmentally safe and easy to use. It is the solution both for those wishing to enjoy meals cooked on the grill, but have not enough time to light the charcoal with the traditional methods, and for those who find it a difficult task and demanding pleasure.


An Eco-Easy Barbeque packet is the ultimate solution for families and 3-4 member groups that want to enjoy their food grilled. Of course packages may be added in case more members join the company.

It only consists of biomass products which leave no solid residue other than ash.

In its bottom, there is a small bag (of recyclable paper) containing dry sawdust of white fir (Abies Alba) and used for kindling.

Two kilos of charcoal are also enclosed in a recycled paper so that they can be easily stored and do not turn the place into a mess.

The kindling as well as the charcoal safely lean on the wooden framework made of white fir wood, which in essence ignites charcoal and gives a pleasant smell when burning.


It is environmentally friendly as it consists only of carefully selected products from the forest and contains no metal parts. Both the frame and the woodchip are residual products of timber processing industry and coal is a product of legal and organized logging.

The paper used is always a product of recycling. Even the nails used in the assembly of the Eco-Easy Barbecue are wood made! This results in minimum negative effect on the natural environment since the only solid residue left after the completion of this activity is the ash which may also be used as a compost in the house pots.

The carbon dioxide (CO2) released during the burning is being absorbed again by plants for biomass rebuilding.


It is really easy and clean to use! All you have to do is place the Eco-Easy Barbecue content in the combustion chamber and light the tinder using thebox of matches included in the package.

The fire may easily spread because the remaining parts as well as the recycled paper are made of wood of a very low moisture consistency.

The frame gets completely burned within 15 minutes transmitting the heat generated by the coals that  flare up easily and quickly.

All packaging material has been burnt and the coals are ready to be settled for the grilling. So simple, so clean!

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