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In an attempt to address your thoughtful questions related to the ecological impact that our products may cause, we would like to inform you about the raw materials used in the production of ENERGOSTAR biomass products. All people related to our production chain have a deep knowledge of the “forest” and how human factor may impact nature. As a slight sample of our responsibility and respect, no action that would harm and cause any imbalance is tolerated by any means.

First of all we should communicate the fact that “controlled logging” is strongly encouraged since it helps the forest enabling it to re-generate itself; thus “opening” the route for solar radiation to reach the new seedlings and let them grow and develop into healthy trees through  the so-called “photosynthesis”.
Indeed, if the forest authorities do not proceed to invigorating harvest cuts there is a significant risk that the forest will grow old without developing new trees to replace the aged ones that have already reached their inevitable life cycle’s end. In addition, cutting trees with signs of illness is considered to be of the best practices because in a case that a fire bursts in the forest, they become a dangerous dry fuel that could negatively affect nature and consequently humans.

By logging those trees we get the necessary raw material in order to manufacture ENERGOSTAR biomass products. Of course, the whole tree is not used but only its residues that would not be utilized otherwise.
After we have extracted  the so-called “useful timber”  from the trunk of the tree (which is the timber used in construction), and then the firewood, there are remaining parts and branches of the tree that have no use and would otherwise be collected and burnt or left to rot in the woods. It is exactly these parts of the tree that we use as our feedstock for the production of ENERGOSTAR biomass.

The trees that have been felled and provide us with our raw material all belong to the category known as “hardwood”.

More specifically:

• Beech (Fagus orientalis & Fagus Sylvatica)

• Oak (Quercus Trojana-Quercus Cerris-Quercus coccifera etc.)

• Ash

Αντίθετα για την παρασκευή του πέλλετ  η πρώτη ύλη προέρχεται αποκλειστικά απο την οικογένεια  Pinaceae και πιο συγκεκριμένα  απο τα είδη : 

1)Abies alba - Λευκή ελάτη

2)Pinus nigra - Δασική πεύκη

3) Pinus Sylvestris - Μαύρη πεύκη


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